In thinking about taking on the project I felt it would be exposing me more than I am used to. So just as an onion has many layers, so do each one of us (according to Shrek). It also ties in to photography as a tool I use in the editing process. By tackling this project I hope to grow personally as well as professionally during this next year. I will struggle with posting them each day, but will take the pictures and post them as soon as time allows. Enjoy the journey with me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 11- Chasing Chewing Trains

I caught my guy looking out the window while playing with his trains and humming while sucking on his food. He has always sucked on his food. Hours after dinner I would find him still sucking on a piece of food. I find it so strange and have to coax him to chew and swallow it. When he was a little younger it was a lot worse and I would have to make sure he didn't go to sleep while sucking on food or I worried he'd end up choking. IPhone

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